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NO Broker Fee

The Vaughn Insurance Agency offers quality Medicare insurance plans to California residents.  We work with a number of key insurance companies in order to offer you a plan that best meets your needs now and in the future.  In short, we shop for you.  We are NOT loyal to just one large insurance carrier, and there is NO broker fee with the Vaughn Insurance Agency.   

See Any Doctor or Hospital, NO HMO Plans

Our intent is to make you aware of the various Medicare plan types that allow you to visit any doctor or use any hospital or medical facility.  Every plan that we offer allows you, the member, to visit any doctor or use any hospital without getting a referral.  We do NOT market or sell HMO insurance plans.  We will discuss and analyze all insurance options, and we will provide this service until you feel comfortable with your final policy selection.  Further, as a Vaughn Insurance Agency client, you are welcome and encouraged to call with questions after your purchase.  We prefer to remain involved with our clients so that they continue to utilize the best insurance products at the best price throughout the years.

Local in California

We have been selling Medicare insurance in California since 2000.  We live and work from California, offering local expertise.