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Sex Therapy

Sexuality is complex; it is often the product of our upbringing, history, moods, relationships, environment and physical health.  Most sexual behavior and skills are not instinctual, they are learned and most of us were not taught accurate information about healthy sexuality. In fact, we were often given messages that perpetuated uncertainty about our sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors. As an advocate of sexual health, I understand this and work with you to explore and understand your feelings and concerns about sex in order to have more meaningful and fulfilling sexual experiences.

The following are some of the issues commonly presented in Sex Therapy:

In addition to my work with couples and individuals, another therapeutic focus is female sexual dysfunctions.  I have had the opportunity to do extensive research on the psychological, physiological, sociological and historical perspective of female sexuality.
My findings indicated that over 50% of American women experience concerns with sexual pleasure and/or function at some point in their lives. Just as important, my research also found that it is often difficult if not impossible to separate sexual health and satisfaction from issues of personal growth.


Relationship & Marriage Therapy

Relationships can be a source of one’s greatest joy and deepest pain.  Whether you are struggling in your relationships with a partner, children, friends or family, therapy can help you discover new ways to authentically relate to those closest to you.

The following are some of the issues commonly presented in Relationship and Marriage Therapy:

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY                                                   
Divorce or break up
Body Image



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