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My name is Stephen Vaughn, and I am the owner and independent agent behind the Vaughn Insurance Agency, Inc. I first began working with Medicare related products in 2000, selling Blue Shield Medicare plans, and then, later worked for Anthem Blue Cross of California in their Medicare sales department. Working as a captive agent for large health care companies provided for an excellent opportunity to learn about the diverse Medicare insurance plan options in over 20 states. My tenure with large health care corporations also put me in contact with thousands of Medicare recipients in search of a Medicare insurance policy, and it was the numerous conversations with these seniors that gave me detailed insight into the process of acquiring and using a Medicare policy, knowledge of the bureaucracy called Medicare, and the determination and ability to identify and overcome the shortcomings of service in the Medicare marketplace.

Going Independent

So, in April 2006 I acted on my intimate knowledge of Medicare and Medicare insurance policies and opened the Vaughn Insurance Agency. The Vaughn Insurance Agency puts good old-fashioned service into selling quality Medicare insurance plans, not just glad-handing folks before the sale but allowing them to call as clients. Operating as an independent agent is better for our clients because we now offer a variety of Medicare insurance plans through more than one insurance carrier. Simply stated, the greater number of insurance plan options available through the Vaughn Insurance Agency mean that one is sure to find a plan that meets his or her needs now and in the future.

Business Objectives

The chief objective of the Vaughn Insurance Agency is to provide quality Medicare insurance plans for Medicare recipients. We specialize in California Medicare insurance plans. The agency only offers plans that allow a subscriber to visit any doctor without a referral and use any hospital or medical facility. The Vaughn Insurance Agency offers a wide selection of Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans, PPO plans, and Part D policies.

The agency does NOT work with and/or offer Medicare HMO policies. The Vaughn Insurance Agency is also focused on service, both before the purchase and while one is a client. We prefer that clients call us with questions before calling the insurance company. Usually we can save our clients a lot of time and frustration by quickly answering their questions, or, by giving them specific key language to use should they have to call the insurance company. Calling the Vaughn Insurance Agency is always toll free, and there is no dehumanizing phone menu. If we are busy, leave a simple message and we will call right back. You can also fax questions and information or email us directly.